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Mammography is a fine detailed examination of the breasts using a specialized X-Ray unit. Our radiographers performing mammography have had specialized training in the area and the mammography unit has to meet stringent quality controls.

Diagnostic Mammography is an X-ray examination of the breasts. This examination is performed when your doctor suspects unusual signs or symptoms in one or both breasts, for example a lump, tenderness, and nipple discharge or skin changes.

Mammogram Examination Preparation

It is recommended to schedule your mammogram one week after the start of your period. The breasts will not be as tender at this time which will minimise the discomfort or pain you experience.

Avoid wearing any deodorant, perfume or talcum powder on the day of your appointment because these substances may resemble shadows on your mammogram film.

Please be sure to bring your previous mammograms to your appointment for comparison.

The Mammogram Procedure

The mammogram is performed by a specially trained radiographer. Our specially trained radiographer will explain the mammogram procedure. Each breast will be positioned and compressed between two special plates by the X-ray machine for a few seconds while images are taken.

While the examination may be uncomfortable and slightly painful it will last only a few seconds.

How long does a Mammogram take?

A standard mammography takes between 10-15 minutes. Some extra views may be performed which take longer.

If you have breast implants, please advise our practice prior to your appointment so that a longer appointment is scheduled.

Who performs the Mammogram?

The x-rays are taken by a radiographer who has received specialist training in the field of mammography. The mammogram is then read and interpreted by a radiologist who will provide your referring doctor with a report of your examination.